Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler

I figured I should probably whip up a quick blog for Tyler's birthday, since he is my darling husband. 

Let me begin by telling the world what an amazing, strong, spiritual, and loving person Tyler is. In his life, he has had some serious trials that most do not have the strength within to overcome. Most people simply don't have the willpower to change like Tyler did.He found power within himself to turn his life around completely to be a better, happier person. I don't think he will ever understand how much I really admire that in him. 

Something else I admire and love about Tyler is his patience with not only with me, but all people. I rarely see him get frustrated with anyone or say something negative about another person. He always seems to see both perspectives without taking sides. I've noticed that this positive attitude brings peace about him. This outlook is contagious and I try harder to follow his example.   

Tyler is a deep thinker and he is very smart. Some people don't see that in him because he's not boastful about it and can sometimes be quiet. It's awesome though because Tyler sees the world differently than most. 
He has an eternal perspective and finds ways to see things in a spiritual manner a lot.I love that about him too. 

I could go on for hours about everything I love about my sweet husband. As cliche as it sounds, Tyler truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me.He lifts me up when I'm sad, makes me laugh always, and is the most loving and sweet guy ever. I am so proud of him for how hard he works and all that he has accomplished. Happy Birthday, Tyler. Thanks for changing my life for the better. :) 

P.S. Thanks for letting me post this cheesy blog about you. 

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