Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pick Your Battles

I was just thinking about the phrase we hear that "trials are often a blessing in disguise." I'm not sure if it's a blessing per se, but often trials are the best learning experiences we'll ever have. I don't think I was blessed to have stitches on my forehead, but it taught me not to pull a bungi- chord off of something when it's extremely tight. I don't think I was blessed to get in mean fights with my friends and family, but it taught me to forgive and speak kindly.
Trials come in all sorts of styles and sizes. Some are small and barely even phase us. But many are huge and change the entire course of our life.
Because I've been "blessed" with some big and small trials in life, I'm learning that some things are not worth getting upset over. For example, married life- it's a huge adjustment for most people. However, I'm continually learning that sometimes I just need to remind myself that it's not as big of a deal as I'm making it seem. My sister has always gave me wise advice of "Pick your battles." Sometimes there are things not worth fighting over.
Apologize. And one thing to remember- IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO APOLOGIZES FIRST. The imortant thing is that there are sincere apologies being said from both of you and hurt feelings are being healed.
Life is what you make it. Choose to have a positive attitude and pick your battles. Many heart-aches can be avoided by forgiving and moving on.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Today I was in need of some quiet change of scenery. And, it was hot out so I wanted to be near water. So, I hopped in Elaine the Elantra (that's my car) and drove a few miles to Utah Lake. Instead of sitting in the hot sun, I decided to sit near the stream which was protected by tall trees, giving plenty of cool shade. I had a towel with me which I layed on (didn't want to get dirty) and I just looked around and listened. A calm feeling surrounded me. All I could hear was the the quiet whisper of a breeze running through the leaves and the calm running of the water's stream. And, what I found so beautiful was the sun hitting off the water giving a pretty reflection on its surroundings. It was such a peaceful feeling. Literally, a tiny piece of heaven. I'm sure anyone has felt that same peaceful feeling. It is not the biology of the nature that brings us that peace, it is the love of our dear Heavenly Father, trying to give us hope and peace and quiet amiss this noisy, chaotic world. The beauties of this world are simply one of the many suttle ways Heavenly Father is showing us He truly is there.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Cute Little Angels In My Life

My two favorite quotes from the movie "Dan in Real Life" are:
1) "
Plan to be surprised."
2) "
Love isn't a feeling, it's an ability."

These two quotes make me think of my niece and nephew,
Kaylie and Jayden Pont.
My sister and brother in-law
did not plan on having either of these
adorable kids when they did, but that is the
beauty of life.

That picture of what we think our future will look like often
doesn't turn out exactly like that.

It's usually better

Jayden and Kaylie always greet me with a huge hug, and instanly update me on their day.
They always tell me the happy things, nothing ever seems sad or wrong in their life.
They are full of smiles and laughter.
And the best thing is their incredible amount of love,
which me leads me to quote #2 up there.

Jayden and Kaylie's ability to love is powerful and contagious.

No matter who the person is or what that person's mood and attitude is,
Jayden and Kaylie will love them, and be their friend.

When they get their feelings hurt, they will be sad or upset at first,
but sooner than any adult is capable of doing, they forgive and they choose
to be happy instead.

So, I think we could try and learn from their examples:
  • Greet those you love with a hug.
  • Talk about the happy things in life.
  • Fill your day with smiles and laughter.
  • Let your love be powerful and contagious.
  • Love those around you and be their friend.

  • When you are hurt, choose to forgive and be happy.

Thank you Jayden and Kaylie for your examples to me.
Here are some fun pictures of these two heroes of mine.

Jayden after he bowled a strike!

Kaylie giggling

Jayden taking a picture of himself

Kaylie being silly

Brother-Sister love

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Blog World Welcomes Us

Well, here it is: a Blog for Me and Tyler. He really has no idea about this, but he is my husband so I thought I'd include him in the name! :)
We both just started school last week and it's already been a lot of work. We are happily at UVU. I'm in the Elementary Ed. program, and he is in the Culinary Arts program.
The exciting thing is we
will graduate at the same time. The scary part is two years of early mornings, late nights, tons of homework, working, and somehow squeezing in eating, sleeping and a tiny social life. However, we are both doing what we love and that keeps us motivated.
I'll see how I do with this blogging thing. I tried once and got bored.
Wish me luck Bloggies. (Is that even a word)?