Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Blog World Welcomes Us

Well, here it is: a Blog for Me and Tyler. He really has no idea about this, but he is my husband so I thought I'd include him in the name! :)
We both just started school last week and it's already been a lot of work. We are happily at UVU. I'm in the Elementary Ed. program, and he is in the Culinary Arts program.
The exciting thing is we
will graduate at the same time. The scary part is two years of early mornings, late nights, tons of homework, working, and somehow squeezing in eating, sleeping and a tiny social life. However, we are both doing what we love and that keeps us motivated.
I'll see how I do with this blogging thing. I tried once and got bored.
Wish me luck Bloggies. (Is that even a word)?


  1. I'm not great with it either. [This is Becca, by the way.] :) Welcome!

  2. You will find that I am horrible at blogging these days. I will blog once and then go about 5 months without a post! haha But I will follow your blog! I dont actually have a blog but I have a website.

    Yay for blogging!

  3. Congrats to the blogging world! It'll be fun to keep up with you and your family this way! I also have a family blog:
    Hope life continues to be WONDERFUL!! Thanks for being awesome!