Monday, September 12, 2011

Up in Real Life

If you've seen the movie "Up" you'll know how adorable their little house is. Well, someone who has wayyyy too much time and money on their hands built a house that totally mimics it, and it's here in Utah; only about a half hour away. We just enjoyed ourselves going to see it and for free too. :) So fun! 

Us and our future house ;) 

Cute close up

They had 2 rooms built for kids in the Make a Wish foundation :) 

This is the other room for the Make a Wish foundation girl 

They put her as the princess, so cute :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Life is busy but life is fun

Just letting everyone know we're alive and BUSY! Being a 1st grade teacher is a ton of work and so much fun. I adore those kids and I hope they're learning to like me. :) Tyler started school up again while also working. We've managed to stay busy while also catching up with old friends and spending time with family. We also had the exciting experience of welcoming our new nephew, Jaden Jensen, into this world. Tyler's older brother, Kyle and his wife Shannon are the proud parents. :)

First week of school 
Went to a friend's wedding. Congrats to Tyson and Lynnie.

Me and some old friends dancing at the wedding. 

 Wendy and I had a blast at the wedding. 

I threw a birthday party for Brianne!  

Some of our old friends all came and it was so fun.
Here's Bri, Cory, Curtis, and Me acting like children. 

Cory, Curtis, Dan. I love having lifelong friends!

Bri, Me, Cori, Alyssa, Andrea 

Happy Birthday Bri-Bri!

We've been going to the Jon Schmidt concert for 9 years now! Here we are waiting. 

We had so much fun. Love these girls. 

My mommy came too 

So did the fabulous Ally Best 

And my big brother and his wife. I forgot to get a picture with her
(she was at the restroom or something at this time).

Gorgeous sunset!

Tyler helped Jayden learn to play baseball better. 

Kaylie making KacyAnn dizzy haha. 

LOVE THIS! Welcome to the world, Jaden :) 

On a date night together. Couldn't be happier!