Monday, September 12, 2011

Up in Real Life

If you've seen the movie "Up" you'll know how adorable their little house is. Well, someone who has wayyyy too much time and money on their hands built a house that totally mimics it, and it's here in Utah; only about a half hour away. We just enjoyed ourselves going to see it and for free too. :) So fun! 

Us and our future house ;) 

Cute close up

They had 2 rooms built for kids in the Make a Wish foundation :) 

This is the other room for the Make a Wish foundation girl 

They put her as the princess, so cute :)

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  1. I love that house and I have been dying to see it! But I can never find time to drop everything and drive to Herriman...that's where it is right? I'm glad you guys went. It's adorable! Also I love your skirt.