Friday, September 17, 2010


Today I was in need of some quiet change of scenery. And, it was hot out so I wanted to be near water. So, I hopped in Elaine the Elantra (that's my car) and drove a few miles to Utah Lake. Instead of sitting in the hot sun, I decided to sit near the stream which was protected by tall trees, giving plenty of cool shade. I had a towel with me which I layed on (didn't want to get dirty) and I just looked around and listened. A calm feeling surrounded me. All I could hear was the the quiet whisper of a breeze running through the leaves and the calm running of the water's stream. And, what I found so beautiful was the sun hitting off the water giving a pretty reflection on its surroundings. It was such a peaceful feeling. Literally, a tiny piece of heaven. I'm sure anyone has felt that same peaceful feeling. It is not the biology of the nature that brings us that peace, it is the love of our dear Heavenly Father, trying to give us hope and peace and quiet amiss this noisy, chaotic world. The beauties of this world are simply one of the many suttle ways Heavenly Father is showing us He truly is there.

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  1. yay i found your blog!!! so cute. you'll have to check out mine too I love you mel! cute post!