Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally updating

Well, here I am at good ol' Ridgeline Elementary on my prep hour. Obviously it's Friday because my hair pulled back and I'm super tired. However, I do love my little first graders, they are so fun. I can't believe the school year is almost over. There are so many things I wish I would have done differently this year, but also things I think I did well. That's just how it goes being a teacher, you learn as you go. I hope that out of everything, my students just know that they are important and loved. They all seem happy enough in the classroom, so I think that goal has been met. And they all know how to read! :)

Before I update you on mine and Tyler's lives, let me just say T.G.I.F!!!!! I am so excited to go home, teach a couple piano lessons and just CHILL OUT this weekend listening to Conference this weekend. I'm also going to see "Mirror, Mirror" for my sister's birthday with a group of girls. SO excited!

Hopefully the weekend goes by nice and sllloooooowww.

Here is a quick update before I have to pick up my kiddos!
  • Tyler is gone about 10 hours out of the day Tuesday - Saturday for Culinary School which is kicking his butt yet he loves it and is rocking it. That guy sure is talented at what he does. He has such a passion for cooking....and notice I say cooking, NOT baking (which he hates). At first I was worried about him doing culinary school, but I know he's going to be super successful in it. Especially since Tyler's grandma always says, "If you have a passion for what you do, you will be successful." Wise words!
  • I'm still teaching my talented piano students on the weekends and my 28 first graders Monday - Friday. I guess I like teaching or something. It's so fun and a lot of work. Yet really fulfilling. In 28 days I will officially have my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and will get to walk in my cap and gown to prove it! I'm so excited for that. I've worked my behind off to get this degree and I'm so so so so so so so so excited and humbly speaking, super proud of myself.
  • This summer Tyler and I are going on a two week trip to England and France!!! My sweet father is giving that to me as my graduation gift, using his sky miles to send us there and back. I am so excited and can't believe how nice my dad is doing this for us! I love you dad!
  • We are living in a full house and I love it! Currently my little brother, Tyler and I, my sister and her two kids are all living with my sweet mom. I love that my sister is there to laugh with (she is the BEST sister ever, I love her) plus she is doing all the grocery shopping for us. I love that I get to see my adorable niece and nephew every day and that I have my mom and brother there to hang out with. My mom rocks for letting us all be there. Sometimes it gets a little messy and crazy but having three stories and crazy schedules helps us not get on each others nerves too much. :) I love my family way too much anyway to really get worked up about things.
  • A few months ago Tyler's car broke down so now he drives me to school every day so he can take my car to school. My mom picks me up most days or my friend/coworker Kristina takes me home, and my sister on Fridays. Thanks Mom and Tiff!!!! Also...two nights ago Tyler was driving home and a tire rolled out of the back of a truck in front of him and it slammed into the passenger window and cracked the passenger rearview mirror. Scared the daylights out of him but luckily no one is hurt and it's only about a $100 fix. Phew.
  • And.... we are just honestly doing great! Tyler and I are best friends and we love being married.We are doing out best to spend quality time together which we decided to do by Sunday walks or picnics. He's a great husband and I couldn't ask for better.
  • This was honestly probably a boring post, but for those 2 of you who read it and want to be updated on mine and Tyler's life... there you have it. Boring. Busy. Happy. :)

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  1. I love this post. Thanks for updating! Can't wait to go see Titanic with you.