Sunday, December 18, 2011


Me and my Mommy when I was first born :) 

Lately it's hit me deeply how sacred and incredible motherhood is. I'm not a mother yet, but for some reason this Christmas time I've really been touched when I'm reminded of the importance of motherhood by the story of Jesus being brought into this world by His mother, Mary. Even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ needed and was provided a mother.
At church we have been reviewing the story of Mary and Joseph and every time that happens I cry tears that are only caused by the Holy Ghost. It wasn't until this year that something stood out to me: Mary, a young woman like me, brought our Savior to us. Without her strength and faith, we would not have been given the atonement. Without her example and love, Jesus Christ might have forgotten His role on Earth. But Mary believed and she taught Him and lead Him in the right direction.
So, because of that, I just wanted to thank my own mother publicly for being such an amazing mom. Although I won't always admit this in person, I love that I am so much like her. :) She is kind, loving, strong and determined to always do what is right. Many people say I'm a lot like her, and finally after I've gotten through my dumb teenage years, I see that as the biggest compliment in the world. She's always been a rock in my life and I couldn't have asked for a better mother.
Motherhood is so sacred and important, I hope that all you moms and future moms realize how special you are simply because you're a woman and have the power to be a mother.

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  1. Thank you Melissa:) This touched me deeply. Being a mom is hard, stressful, but overall rewarding. As I look at each of my children now,I realize that they do grow out of that "teenage" stage. They do grow up and mature and all the life's lessons that I ever tried to teach you as a child and a teenager are now coming to light. I have tried my best to be a good mom. And when I look at each of you I say" I think I've done a pretty dang good job! Love you:)