Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Avoiding Homework.

So far my Summer vacation has been boringly filled with college homework. I'm finishing up my last semester at UVU while also trying to get my classroom put together and having fun! I have been able to squeeze in some fun, like this weekend. I ignored my homework and focused on relaxing. My friend Katie and I stayed up util 12:30 a.m. working on fun projects for my classroom which was a hilarious blast. And my Dad took me and my siblings + spouses wave running at Deer Creek! It was HEAVENLY. I love being out on the water/with my family. I wish I had another month of just fun, but behold, there are first graders waiting for me to teach them in a few weeks.


  1. So happy your picnic basket is getting some use!
    Don't forget to post a link to your blog on Facebook so your friends can find out how great your blog is now.

  2. YOur'e blog is darling! I love it!